Otter Tail Ethanol Re-Launch

Otter Tail Ethanol is being relaunched at a time where the future of alternative fuels is as uncertain as the future of fossil fuels seemed only a year ago. No-one has a crystal ball, but we believe that the practice of growing our fuel has fundamental advantages over drilling it.

Just as Elon is doing at SpaceX we’re taking a leap of faith with this project. In 50 years time, who knows, we might all be using completely coal, that is extracted with almost no effect to the environment. It seems unlikely, but it pays to keep an open mind. Our money is on Ethanol as a viable fuel source.

The most forward looking and pragmatic of companies are not in one camp or another. They appreciate the benefit and necessity of oil and gas, and even coal. Coal is used to make the steel that is used for wind turbines and solar farms.

LNG might be the best current alternative to petroleum and diesel, being the lowest emission fossil fuel. Ethanol mixed with petroleum has been widely adopted now in the US and Europe. Technology is available for 100% ethanol internal combustion engines.

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash